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Dog Trainer and Behaviourist


Claire has been working with clients and their dogs for over 15 years: teaching life skills; supporting behavioural needs; selecting and training assistance dogs; selecting and handling dogs in animal assisted intervention and producing activities and games that help to bring children and dogs together in a safe and harmonious way.

Having achieved her National Diploma in Animal Management, Claire has since completed a wide variety of courses and qualifications around animal behaviour and is currently working towards achieving her level 6 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma with the ISCP. As well as qualifications relating to animals, Claire has studied human psychology and learning disabilities of children and young adults.

Due to their ethics, Claire is proud to be a member of INTODogs which is a founding member organisation of the UK Behaviour and Training Charter. She has recently joined Kids around Dogs to promote safe relationships between children and dogs. Claire is excited to be part of an organisation that developed a programme for supporting children with a fear of dogs.

Having cared for two German Shepherds who suffered with joint degeneration and pain, Claire is passionate about educating dog ‘caregivers’ on how to observe their dogs’ behaviour to determine subtle changes indicating pain, working closely with vets and other local professionals to help clients. As a result of learning how much a dog’s pain can affect their behaviour, Claire has taken the opportunity to complete training with Canine Arthritis Management and is currently undertaking her level one CAM Advocate course.

Claire shares her life with her working sheepdog Kizzy who enjoys woodland walks, scent-work and sofa cuddles! Kizzy was a rescue puppy and Claire has worked with her to build her confidence around traffic, loud noises, people, children and other dogs, continuing to support her needs and giving her a fun life.

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