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Frequently asked Questions

What happens during a one to one?

Claire will visit your home in person (or via Zoom) and bring various resources and equipment along to help teach you about your dog's overall needs. Claire will discuss all of the information that you provided in your booking form and ask any further questions to help establish a clearer picture about your dog's behaviour and needs. Discussions around realistic goal setting, management strategies and training recommendations will help to establish a plan of action. Training, management and overall wellbeing strategies will then be taught to you and practiced under Claire's guidance. The one to one's will be held in the environments required, be that at home or on your local walks. If your dog's behaviour is a danger to other animals / people then Claire may request that any initial outdoor sessions are carried out at a secure field at your expense (usually £10 per hour). 

Is there follow up help provided in the one to one packages?

Yes! You will receive a written report detailing all of the management strategies and training covered in your sessions. This report will be updated following each one to one so that you have links, notes and videos to help remind you what was covered. Email and phone support is also provided to help answer any questions about the training and behaviour plan in place and to support your progress between in person one to one sessions. 

How do I book one to one's and classes with you?

Once you have contacted us and Claire has established that she can help you, you will receive a booking link where you can purchase a package, complete a client information form, and check that you agree with Dog Matters' terms and conditions and privacy policy before booking your one to one's or classes. 

How many one to one's do you recommend?

This is dependent on the help that you need. Most families are looking for help with a number of challenges which is why we work with clients for a minimum of 3 one to ones. This ensures that your learning and your dogs' learning can be broken down into manageable sessions and progress can be seen which helps keep you motivated to put in the training and management strategies long term.


Three sessions enables us to cover most of the basics and help families with laying the right foundations. If you need more you can book further follow up one to ones after an initial 3 package session, or, if you require help with complex behaviours and training difficulties, we have 4, 5 and 6 session packages of support. 

What do I need to have ready for one to one and class training?

Group class attendees receive an email with instructions on what to bring and directions to the class locations. 

One to one clients are advised to have LOTS of tasty treats cut up and prepared ahead of the session, making sure that these are treats that your dog gets excited about. It is also advisable to purchase 2 identical toys that your dog is likely to get excited about (rustling, squeaky, balls, ball on rope, sheep skin tugger etc), and keep them hidden until the one to one. 

Do you charge mileage?

If you live within 15 miles then there is no charge. If you live further afield then charges incurred are set at 46p per mile from 10 miles outside of Aylesbury.  

I have a health condition that may affect how you can help me and my dog, do you have experience of tailoring your services to support me?

Having worked for many years with children and adults of all ages who may need additional support to train and care for their dog(s), I am always happy to chat to you about your needs and come up with suggestions of ways in which I can help. 

Group classes are held outdoors in a field which isn't accessible for wheelchair users but I am always keeping a look out for accessible locations and places to hire so if you know of somewhere that is inclusive and allows dogs, please do get in touch!

Can I bring my dog who barks at other dogs to your group classes?


If your dog is sociable with other dogs but barks when over excited, please get in touch and we can discuss suitability further. 


If your dog lunges and barks at other dogs, growls, nips or bites, we can provide one to one support initially and then provide you with further information about our Reactive to Responsive classes, run alongside Toni Shelbourne. 

Where are your workshops held?


Finding the right dog and preparing your dog for your baby's arrival are pre-recorded webinars

and are sent out to you as soon as you have purchased the service. The 20 - 30 minute live

Q&A is held over Zoom and booked at a convenient time for you once you have watched

the webinar and have your questions ready. You can live anywhere in the UK to

access these. 


Do you hold workshops in different locations?


If you would like to book Dog Matters to provide in person workshops then

please contact us and we can discuss availability and prices.

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